Photographing the Colorado Ballet

Over the last three years, I've had the great fortune of photographing the Colorado Ballet for advertising campaigns.  It's been a supreme pleasure to work with such devoted, passionate artists, and many of them have become good friends through our professional connection.

A few days ago, the company began dress rehearsals for their run of The Nutcracker (details here), and Artistic Director Gil Boggs was kind enough to give me permission to photograph them.  In our normal experience, we tend to only see the final product--DaVinci's Mona Lisa, Michelangelo's David, Monet's Water Lilies.  For me, it is amazing to witness the process and how as artists we get to that transcendent moment.  I'm grateful to have that opportunity with these dress rehearsals.

I would highly recommend seeing this company's version of the Nutcracker.  These are some gifted dancers, and the performances have great beauty, passion and style.  Support the arts! Order tickets here.