The rewards of shooting headshots



When I first moved to Los Angeles, several actors and dancers asked me if I could shoot headshots and portfolio images for them.  Although I was happy to do them, I did not realize how rewarding these shoots would be.  

 Anyone who has worked with me knows how much I love shooting for commercial assignments.  The reality, though, is that the work goes to the ad agency, gets printed in magazines, collateral material or online.  Once it leaves my studio, I really don't have much of a connection to it.

 Not so with working with individuals, and that was the surprise reward for shooting headshots and portfolio work.  I not only got direct feedback from the talent, but often will hear later of jobs they had gotten, in some part, based on the images we had created together.

 Yesterday, I learned that a dancer I shot with a few months ago secured a position with a company in France.  She wrote to tell me that someone there actually commented on how great they thought the headshot was.   It brings great happiness into my life to be of service in such a personal way.