Help me find subjects for a new personal project

I want to ask for your help on a new personal project I am launching called "Second Life."
The concept is to photograph people after some kind of medical intervention in their life.  Be it a hip replacement, a bout with cancer, or starting onto medications to help with depression or bipolar disorder, a person's life is changed.  And I want to photograph people who are living that positive change.


The concept is born of a conversation I had with a friend recently who survived a bout with cancer.  He said to himself at one point during his treatment, "If I survive this, I will devote myself to serving others."  He has survived, and now in addition to his normal work life, he teaches a spiritual form of yoga three days a week.

I realized that there must be lots of stories out there like this.  People who have changed or possibly pushed deeper into their careers, people who changed where they lived, who they spend time with, what they do for recreation.
In short, I am looking for positive examples of medical and pharmaceutical interventions as they relate to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual lives of the people they touch.  Certainly there will be stories that are touching and heartfelt. Wonderful.  I want those.  I also want funny stories, silly stories, outrageous stories (OK, that's where the Viagra tales come in).

If you know someone who may be a candidate, please have them contact me.  You can direct them to my websites, and to get a feel for my work.
Initially, I will start with subjects in Colorado, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.  People interested in participating in the project can contact me at (303)333-3316 or  

Thanks in advance for your help.