Photographing a true inspiration

Last week, I got a request to photograph Lee Wolford for Pilot Magazine.  When I read the story that would accompany the images,  I just knew I had to shoot the assignment.

 Lee is 79 years old, and was in the Air Force for 26 years including service in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.   Along the way, he racked up four degrees, and once he left the Air Force, had a successful career as an engineer in the aerospace industry.  

These days, he lives in Colorado Springs, and I was hired to photograph him with an F-1 Rocket airplane he recently built, and uses to give rides to young people interested in aviation.  

What impressed me most about Lee was his incredible vitality and enthusiasm, both evident in his myriad interests and hobbies.  So after shooting with the Rocket airplane, I asked if we could shoot a picture with his motorcycle with Pikes Peak in the background.  It is my favorite image from the shoot.

 To me, Lee is a wonderful role model on how to live, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet him.