Dance related photography for Education First

Early in 2012, I posted some of my dance photography to Photoserve, work produced both for dance companies and for personal projects.  Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by a writer at Photo District News who wanted to spotlight my passion for this kind of imagery.  Within a few weeks, a story was available on Photo District News' news feed,

In May, my agent Doug Truppe was contacted by an art buyer at The Martin Agency who had seen the story.  Within days, we were hired to shoot a series of young children jumping into the air to illustrate the idea of excitement for learning.  

It was a wonderful experience all around.  The shoot was produced in a studio in New York, with a medium format still camera and a Red Epic video camera to capture motion.  On set were a choreographer to help guide the children in their posing, plus the usual complement of assistants, wardrobe and make-up stylists, a digital tech, a producer and her assistant.  It was a great crew, and it was a blast to do the job over two days.

 Print is already rolling out for advertising and collateral materials, and video footage will be used in-theatre and online.  I'll post that when the agency gets that to me.