Valentine Editorial Assignment



Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely couple for Guideposts Magazine.  Duane and his wife Jeanette moved to Loveland, Colorado in 1989, and Duane began working at the Loveland Post Office.  Not long thereafter, he took over the Valentine Re-mailing program, where valentine cards, sent from people all over the world, are given the Loveland postage cancelling stamp and forwarded on to their loved ones.

We spent a delightful day shooting some of the more literal images the magazine needed.  But one thing really caught my attention.  The town has a tradition of people putting up heart-shped signs around town, and Duane had made a sign to profess his love for Jeanette.  Duane had a wonderful sense of humor, and I asked him if he would become a human signpost.  This is the image we came away with.  Happy Valentine's Day to Duane and Jeanette!