Advertising photography for So Delicious

We recently shot a lifestyle assignment for So Delicious that was a blast to work on.  So Delicious makes dairy-free milks, yogurts, non-dairy coconut milk coffee creamers and frozen treats.

The images of people using So Delicious in their everyday lives involved a fun day of casting, four days of location scouting and three days of prep.  Because all the photographs had to be produced on one day with ten models, we had three photo assistants, a digital tech, two wardrobe and makeup stylists, two food stylists, a production assistant  and a location manager on set.  I actually love big productions, so this was a great day.  I felt like Cecil B. DeMille.

We shot in two separate contemporary homes that were just two miles away from each other.  That made logistics a lot easier, and gave us more shooting time.  And to speed up setup in the different scenarios, lighting was a combination of available light and daylight balanced continuous source lighting.  Using that kind of light vs. strobes meant we could see exactly what would be recorded in the camera as opposed having to take meter readings and make adjustments, which would have taken a lot more time.

When we were done, the agency picked over fifty images for a library that would be used for consumer advertising, trade show and website.  It was a terrific assignment to be involved in.  Loved every minute.