Choice Out Loud

So now I can finally tell the story about the time lapse project, which was under a non-disclosure agreement until today!

Back in December, I was contacted by the creative director at gmmb Advertising in Washington D.C. to participate in a historic project, Choice out Loud.  The idea was to celebrate the Roe v Wade's 40th Anniversary, which is February 22, 2013 by having 40 photographers around the country each shoot one woman for a time lapse video.  I felt honored to be invited, and was thrilled to be involved.

With the insight of my good friend, cinematographer Edward Done, I decided to do a sequence that involved not only time lapse with the model, but time lapse with the background as well.  That meant sitting in a field near Denver International Airport for almost 4 hours while I captured enough frames to last 6 seconds in the final sequence.  A very zen-like experience listening to the camera click one frame a second for 4 hours.

Next we shot the model, Yosselin Marquez from Nxt|Model in cowboy garb generously donated by Cry Baby Ranch in Denver.  Ed was there with me in the studio, shooting straight video while I shot on the Canon 5D MkIII so we could get a sense of what the sequence looked like in real time.  We probably did 15 takes, all of them fun and unique in their own way.  

Many thanks to make up stylist Kari Kisch, assistants Caleb Tkach and McCall Burau, and to owner Natalie Fletcher and casting agent Christina Reed at Nxt|Model.

Tomorrow, I'll get to see how it all came together!