Pentax K-3 photoshoot video goes live

Finally!  After a wonderful shoot for Pentax to help launch the new K-3 camera back on October 2nd, the video has gone live, and I can talk about the project. 

The K-3 is the new flagship for Pentax, and is billed as a high performance camera.  The marketing team saw a wonderful possibility of using dance as a metaphor for performance, and approached me to shoot a series of images using the camera. 

They also wanted to support dance within the Colorado landscape, so I helped create a partnership with Colorado Ballet, a company I have worked with for seven years.  Artistic Director Gil Boggs graciously provided one of my favorite dancers for the project, Dana Benton-Robertson, a soloist for the company.  Shirin Lankarani, wardrobe mistress, provided costumes.  Janelle Hinkey assisted with posing and Kari Kisch did an amazing job of makeup, as always.

We worked in a studio that has a bank of south facing windows, perfect for some of the ideas I had for working with natural light.  It also has high ceilings, so we could add strobe above the dancer to create more drama.  Add a fog generator and fan, and you have the makings of an amazing day.  Assistants Scott Reid and Jeremy Leininger made it all flow smoothly, and even made it into the final cut!

The video was directed by Jasper Gray and shot by Frank Pickell, both from Futuristic Films.  The collaboration was great fun.