"Limelight" Exhibition for Month of Photography Denver


Every other year, hundreds of collaborative public events in Denver and the region celebrate fine art photography during  The Month of Photography Denver.  And this year, I decided to create a new series working with dancers, combining 1940’s Hollywood lighting with the feel of the 1830’s calotype process. 

Having created the advertising images for Colorado Ballet for the last seven years my first thought was to enlist the support of their Artistic Director Gil Boggs, Executive Director Marie Belew-Wheatley and Wardrobe Supervisor Shirin Landarani.  Their support was enthusiastic, and we were off to the races.

Over three weeks, I photographed eight members of the company in the studio.  The process was highly collaborative, as the images were created on the Pentax 645D medium format digital camera and I could share the results of each exposure before the next attempt.  After looking at a new photograph on screen, the dancer and I could refine the look and feel of the image until we both were satisfied with the results.  Shooting digitally has transformed my relationships with my subjects because they see the work in real time.  That builds a sense of trust and partnership that can results in stronger images than was ever possible in the film world.  I love it. 

The series will be exhibited at the Wells Fargo Atrium, 1740 Broadway, Denver CO, 80274, March 18th-April 13th, and the space is wonderful.  Because of it's massive size, I decided to make prints on a large scale to match, and each image will be shown at 4 x 5 ft.

Sales of prints, posters and note cards will benefit Colorado Ballet.  All images on this page are available for purchase.  Email for information.