Senior Living Community Lifestyle Photography

A project that began in Denver morphed into an assignment that took us to La Jolla, California and Scottsdale Arizona for Vi Living.  Vi specializes in high end senior living and retirement communities, so a lot of the fun was bringing together a team that could bring that branding to life.  

We were fortunate to have some wonderful talent that brought energy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor to the shoot, so even though the days were long, they were punctuated by lots of laughs.

Big productions always have their challenges, and in this case it was shooting in temperatures over 100 degrees outside.  Fortunately, frozen bottles of water were at the ready to keep our talent comfortable, and bags of ice placed under the computer to keep it from shutting down so we could shoot tethered the whole time.

Large projects like this, with over a dozen people on set and lots of moving parts to juggle are so much fun to work on.  There's such a sense of fulfillment in bringing people together, creating bonds that transcend words, and making images in a collaborative, joyful way.