Portrait Photography for USO

Recently, I was asked by my good friends at Ricoh Imaging Americas to make some portraits for the USO of servicemen and women, as well as family members for the Portraits of Love Project.  It was a humbling experience, recognizing the dedication and sacrifice by these people in service to our country.

While we had to move fairly quickly to accommodate the large number of families, it was interesting to see how vitally everyone was in giving themselves over to the process.  Their willingness to share their vulnerability and connectedness was truly heartwarming.  I left with a tremendous respect for the humanity these people exhibit despite the challenges they must face in carrying out their mission.

The photographs were made on the Pentax 645D camera so that I could provide the highest quality files for the families to use. 

Volunteering my talent to this worthwhile cause was an honor and privilege I will not soon forget.